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What is it?
A contest event that’s held over FB and IG engaging individuals of a targeted community by giving away free lunches.  For a chance to win, contestants must follow all directives given on #FLFriday post. 

How do I sign up?


How much is a sponsorship ?

A sponsorship is $50.  This covers our host fee, sponsored lunch cost, advertising stipend and admin fees. 

What do I get?

Marketing on a level that engages local traffic leading to the direct marketing of the sponsors business via individuals within a targeted community.

When is it?

Every Friday at 12pm but winners are announced Thursday night at 9:30pm EST and must claim their free lunch by 9am on Friday.

Where is it?

Free Lunch Friday is hosted at any local restaurant we target.  We will announce restaurant choice on the Sunday at 9pm; the 1st day of #FLFriday.


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